Metta World Peace Will Change His Name To "Panda Friend"

(Actual photo of Ron Artest)

It’s being reported by China Daily that Metta World Peace will be changing his name to “Panda Friend,” to honor the lovable animal that hails from the Sichaun province where he will be playing in next year (Sichuan Blue Whale Basketball Club).
No one in the world understands the name-change game better than Ron Artest Tru Warier Metta World Peace.
Start the biggest fight in NBA history and single-handedly set back a franchise ten years? Change your name to Metta World Peace. Everyone will forget.
Get outted as not actually being a “man of peace” by the biggest website on the planet? Change your name to something even cuter, like “Panda Friend.” Everyone loves pandas!
But we know better… Pandas might seem cute, but they’re actually really vicious.

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