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The Browns Fan Who Peed on Art Modell’s Grave Got Arrested [VIDEO]


art modell

Police arrested the man who filmed himself urinating on the grave of former Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell.

Police in Pikesville, Maryland arrested 61-year-old Paul Serbu of Franklin, Ohio and charged him with disorderly conduct in a cemetery for relieving himself on Modell’s grave site. The charge is only a misdemeanor, but it carries a potential jail sentence of up to two years in prison and a $500 fine. If he is the man in the video, it’s a well deserved penalty for someone who would do something so stupid over a football team and found a way to be even more stupid by filming it and putting it online for everyone to see.

The video allegedly features Serbu driving to Druid Ridge Cemetery¬†where Modell was laid to rest in 2012. He walks up to the site wearing a Ravens jersey but he rips it off to relieve a Browns jersey underneath and that’s when he unleashes his bladder through the catheter hidden in his pants leg. He posted the video on YouTube and it’s still up there for the whole world to see. The video features some choice cuss words from a PO’ed Browns fan, so the video might be considered NSFW for some workplaces…

Modell became the number one enemy of Cleveland football fans in 1996 when he announced his team’s move¬†to Balitmore in 1996 where they became the Ravens. This left the city without an NFL team for three years until Al Lerner stepped in and brought the Browns back with a new team and a new stadium in 1999. Apparently, all that hate hasn’t died with the man.

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