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South Carolina Self-Reports Possible Violation For Icing On Cookie Cake


The NCAA has many rules against what schools can do for their student-athletes. That might explain why South Carolina got a little nervous about a possible infraction–specifically, the school putting icing on cookie cakes that were given to recruits. The good news is that the NCAA has reviewed the self-reported infractions and decided that there were no violations.

This cookie cake craze has been going around the country this summer with many college recruits posting pictures of themselves with the cakes. Unless the icing was spelling out “Come to South Carolina” though, there should have been no problems with this.

It is just another petty thing that the NCAA may look at as a violation. The way this is going, schools better just send out letters to recruits and not have them near their campus for fear that they are going to commit a violation. It’s pretty sad that schools have to worry about little things like that to make sure they have done nothing wrong but that’s just how the cookie crumbles or the cookie cake is iced.


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