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The Warriors’ Marreese Speights Busted on DUI



Another athlete has been busted doing something naughty off the playing field and this time, it’s someone from the NBA. Police arrested the Golden State Warriors’ Marreese Speights on a charge of driving under the influence.

ESPN (who misspelled “Marreese Speights'” name in the story’s headline) reported that the 27-year-old center forward spent a night in jail on a DUI charge following his arrest early Tuesday morning. Police in St. Petersburg, Florida pulled Speights over while he was driving and observed that he may have been drinking. Officers administered two breathalyzer tests that showed his blood alcohol level at .103 and .106. Some are speculating that he had been out celebrating his birthday since he turned 27 just before the time of his arrest. Speights was not injured during the course of his alleged drunk driving and did not cause any accidents before his arrest.

Speights is currently under a three-year contract with the Warriors where he earns over $10 million to play ball so he had no trouble posting the $500 bond on his misdemeanor charge. He previously played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Memphis Grizzlies and the Philadelphia 76ers. This appears to be his first alleged criminal offense as a player in the NBA.

There will probably be some sort of punishment that the league will throw down on Speights’ head for this infraction. Judging from the recent Ray Rice suspension, it probably won’t be much unless the NBA wants to distance themselves from the NFL’s backwards thinking when it comes to disciplining players and use Speights as an example. It’s a bad time to be a drunk driving ball player.

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