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Is Your College on Money’s List of The Best Colleges for Your Money?



Money Magazine released its annual list of the colleges that offer the most bang for your bucks and Massachusetts’ Babson College topped the list.

This tiny institution specializes in business and in fact, it only offers bachelors of science degrees in business. The magazine said that its “focus on business is the big draw and provides a big payoff.” It makes sense. Most schools that offer business degrees have to stretch their budgets thin with the rest of the schools and can only give students half of the business training they need to become a player in the real business world. Money claims that Babson doesn’t have to fight with other departments for training by just offering a single degree to all of their students and that earned them the top spot on the list.

Another obscure school made the top of Money’s list for the same reason. The Webb Institute of Glen Cove, New York only offers its students a double major in naval architecture and marine engineering. However, another important aspect makes this school worth attending. It’s FREE! The school gets an endowment that allows every student who enrolls to get a $44,000 per year scholarship. If that doesn’t make you want to punch a student loan broker, then nothing will.

The other schools that rounded out the top five include the Masschusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University and Stanford University. Don’t fret if your school didn’t make the list. Sure you’ll be in debt for most of your adult life but the only college ranking that really matters is the list of the nation’s top party schools anyway.

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