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Ebola Outbreak Leaves College Students Stranded in Liberia [VIDEO]



Tuskegee College Students Ebola

Africa’s ebola outbreak has a lot of people freaked out including some American college students who are stuck there and can’t get home.

Six students from Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama are stranded in Liberia due to flight cancellations brought on by the ebola virus outbreak. The students were in the region as part of a study abroad program to help prepare local high school students for college in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital city. They were scheduled to fly home on July 10th but British Airways cancelled all of the flights out of the region due to the outbreak and they’ve been stuck in Liberia ever since then.

Fortunately, the students are still able to keep in contact with the university and their families and none of them are showing any symptoms of the virus. The airlines, however, are not taking any chances. They refuse to let anyone fly into or out of the region until the outbreak is contained. Meanwhile, the university is doing what it can to bring the students home quickly and some students even started a petition at to urge the US Embassy to clear the students for air travel. The local NBC affiliate WSFA has the full story…

Of course, we sincerely hope that these students are able to get home quickly and safe and sound. If they do, they’ve got a hell of a story that they can embellish and turn into one of those kitschy, cheap SyFy movies called something like The Ebolanators, Frat vs. Ebola or Ebolanado. 

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