Chris Pratt Shows Off His "Guardian" Ship, "MTV Cribs"-Style [VIDEO]

Here’s a video of Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt giving a tour of Peter Quill’s ship–and some of the footage will look familiar to fans of the old  MTV Cribs show.
Since Quill is a bit of a slacker, the Milano isn’t the most glamorous looking ship in the galaxy. In fact, it’s pretty much a flying bachelor apartment that can blow enemies out of the sky and comes with an awesome tape deck. However, Pratt’s virtual tour offers some pretty interesting insights into the mindset of his character and the special effects that the crew put into making the Milano look like a living, breathing star cruiser. There are stylistic touches such as the fact that the common area is cluttered with junk and Peter’s bunk has all sorts of retro knick knacks to go with his cool, outdated cassette tape player.
There are also some technical touches such as the fact that all of the digital displays in the ship’s cockpit are actually built into the set. The control panel’s displays weren’t edited on to a blue screen in post. You can actually see them when you sit in the pilot’s chair. Take the tour for yourself with Pratt in the embedded video…
It’s clear that director James Gunn wanted a ship that would fit the movie’s oddball nature and his building crew knocked one out of the park with their design of the Milano. It’s like some sloppy bachelor moved into the USS Enterprise from Star Trek and that’s exactly the kind of ship that a film like Guardians of the Galaxy needs.

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