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New “Mortal Kombat X” Trailer Shows Off the New Raiden [VIDEO]



It’s impossible to have a good Mortal Kombat game without its mighty thunder god and Raiden is coming back to Mortal Kombat X in a big way.

Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon gave a preview of the thunder throwing combatant in a special trailer that shows off some of Raiden’s sweet new moves and deathblows. All of the fighters in the new, next-fen fighting game from NetherRealm Studios won’t just have a single fighting style mixed in with their signature moves and fatalities. Each fighter will have up to three different fighting styles that offer variations of their signature moves before each fight. Raiden, for instance, can fight as the traditional “Thunder God” that will enhance his normal lightning thrown and “Superman” punches. He can also fight as the “Master of Storms” that allow him to leave lightning traps throughout the arena or as the “Displacer” that adds a teleport and a new “Sparkport” move in his hand-to-hand arsenal. A trailer posted at Machinima showed off some of the sweet new moves and just a taste of Raiden’s bloody new fatality…

Getting three Raidens for the price of one is a hell of a deal. It also leaves the door open for other characters to get the same character variations and the possibilities are endless if you use your imagination. Liu Kang’s “Dragon Animality” could become his new signature move. Johnny Cage’s “Split Punch” could make for an even more twisted X-ray combo. Hell, Sonya Blade could do a lot more than “blow a kiss” when she wants to blow her opponent away for her fatality.

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