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WWII Veteran Gets His College Degree at 88


allen fleming

An 88-year-old man who chose to serve his country rather than complete his college degree finally got a chance to finish his education.

Allen Fleming earned his degree in English literature from the University of North Georgia last Saturday more than 60 years after his last attempt to graduate from college. Fleming served in World War II as a Navy fighter pilot and bomber and thanks to the GI Bill, he was able to go to college but his duties as a soldier and a father kept interrupting those plans. He eventually found a successful advertising career on his own and never finished his education but he vowed to himself that he would complete his education someday.

Sometime later–in his 80s–Fleming dug up his old college transcripts and re-enrolled himself in school. The road to his degree wasn’t easy. He said he had trouble using a computer to complete his coursework because he’s “always been a pen and paper man” and he even suffered a stroke during his enrollment but he refused to give up. His classmates helped him transfer his assignments to the computer and his wife would drive him to class and carry his books when he couldn’t do it on his own.

Last Saturday, all of his hard work paid off when he walked across the stage to pick up his diploma. He said he’s not planning on stopping with just a bachelor’s degree. He wants to start working on his master’s degree very soon. So what’s your excuse for not finishing your degree? Unless it involves a massive, global conflict, it’s no longer valid.

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