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Drunk Man Sprayed By Hose For Trespassing Gives Zero F*cks [VIDEO]


Drunk Man

Pop Quiz! A drunk shirtless man steps onto your property. Do you:

A) Call the police–let the professionals handle this

B) Attack him with physical violence–you can claim self-defense

C) Spray him with a hose and post the video to YouTube– could use some quality afternoon content

All jokes aside, I have seen very few people give as little f*cks as the drunk man in the video. From my experiences, getting sprayed with hose water is an entirely sobering experience, so how this guy doesn’t even flinch when he’s getting hosed down is a complete mystery to me. If I was drunk and someone did this to me, I’d react a little differently.

Side note– can someone explain to me why this guy’s hair flies backwards when he’s sprayed? Thanks a lot.

There are a lot of highlights, but maybe my favorite is at 0:33 when you hear the hose going off but you don’t know where it’s pointed–even though you know exactly where it’s pointed.

Drunk Guy

This is the face of someone who’s getting their d*ck hosed.

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