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Beatboxing With Greg: Officially Cringeworthy, Says Reddit [VIDEO]


Beat Boxing With Greg

According to Reddit, my late-night public access show Beatboxing With Greg is cringeworthy, awkward, brilliant, comedy gold, and awful–and I agree with all of the aforementioned.

For the episode that really caught Reddit’s attention, I was really excited to bring in a guest chef. My writer/producer @TalkingSchmidt booked the chef and he actually threw me off at first, because it’s not often that you see a chef with a fat beard. There are a few points throughout the episode where Chef Bryan looks a bit confused. I’m not sure if he had something else on his mind or if he just wasn’t familiar with my particular beatboxing style, but all in all he was a great guest and the taping went smoothly. Check it out yourself and see how much cringing gets done…

  • COED Writer