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Brian Bosworth Wants to Go Back to College in This Dish Ad [VIDEO]


brian bosworth

Brian Bosworth–still known as The Boz to football fans and appreciators of certain action movies–shows up in a new ad for  Dish Network and their college football slate.

Imagine the thought of getting to go back and relive a key moment in your life all over again. We don’t mean actually being able to do it because such a thing is not possible due to the laws governing time and space. We mean just the thought of it. Imagine if someone came up to you and asked you if you’d like to do just that. You’d probably think about that super hot girl that you didn’t have the nerve to talk to or the classes you’d avoid again if you could. Brian Bosworth’s choices might be a little different than yours. He contemplates just such a conundrum in a new Dish ad that also stars former NFL greats Matt Leinart and Heath Shuler–plus the voice of actress Rebel Wilson…

Bosworth gets to be the closer in this funny ad for a good reason because he had the most tumultuous college football career of almost any player who took the field. The Oklahoma Sooner was one of the most brutal linebackers on the field. He went out of his way to piss off his critics with his wild hairstyles and loud persona. He publicly protested the NCAA during games and even once wore a shirt during a game that read “National Communists Against Athletes.” Of course, it led to a less than long NFL career thanks a bad shoulder that put him on the permanent injured reserve list so there might not be much he could change if he could go back in time. Chances are he’d just go back and piss off all sorts of people he never got around to pissing off to check off some more names on his PO’ed bucket list.

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