Celebrity First Pitch, Part 2: McKayla Maroney Cartwheels One In [VIDEO]

We were charmed by smirking gymanst McKayla Maroney back when she begrudgingly won the Silver at the 2012 Olympics, and we’ve really been captivated by McKayla ever since she started documenting her grownup years on Instagram–but we’re really enjoying this sensational first-pitch footage this past Friday’s White Sox game in Chicago.
McKayla must have known that she had as much chance of reaching first plate as Barack Obama. Instead, she decided to give the crowd a thrill by cartwheeling and flipping her way to an easy toss to the catcher. That’s the kind of opening pitch that would’ve put a COED staffer in traction. Take a look for yourself, and see why this was easily one of this weekend’s most winning plays in sports…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr2dT8i_khU]

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