The PC FPS "Shadow Warrior" Coming Out for PS4 and Xbox One [VIDEO]

The first person PC hit Shadow Warrior is finally coming out for consoles including the PS4 and the Xbox One.
The studio Flying Wild Hog released this re-imaginging of the 3D Realms first person shooter of the same name back in 2013 for PCs. Players see the world through the eyes of a hilariously named mercenary called Lo Wang tasked with retrieving a powerful katana for the Orochi Zilla corporation. When the sellers refuse, he takes the sword by force and gets plunged into a deadly battle filled with ninjas, assassins, demons and all sorts of ugly characters.
The game refocused the humor and style of the game from its original creation that played up silly stereotypes mixed in with a Duke Nukem 3D scale of violence and mayhem. This time, the game gives players greater control of the melee combat with the sword. It also gives Wang some more clever quips to spout at the bodies of his enemies and violence that’s so over the top, you can’t help but laugh at it. Check out the trailer announcing the new console versions that will be released on September 26th…
It’s nice to have a game on the consoles again with melee combat that lets you do more with a sword than just swing it in one repetitive direction at the push of a button. We can’t think of a single modern game that can do that. There’s probably one on the Nintendo WiiU but given how sucky their sales and game selection have been, we’re not really counting it as a modern console anymore.

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