BioWare Teasing Us With New Trailer for Unknown Game [VIDEO]

BioWare has a new game in the works but rather than just tell us what it is, they’re trying to keep the masses hungry by teasing us with seemingly random images that all add up to one epic game.
The latest teaser trailer is called “Spark.” That’s not the name of the game as far as we know. That’s just the name of the trailer. It features a kid sitting in a diner trying to enjoy his meal when his cell phone rings. The caller ID can’t identify the number so he hangs up on it. The phone rings again with another “unknown number.”  So he hangs up on it again. The caller seems to be pretty persistent so he keeps calling back and that’s when all hell breaks loose. Check out the teaser trailer for yourself…
BioWare has an intriguing marketing strategy with these trailers. They don’t seem to have much continuity between this one and the “Nightmare” trailer they released last week. In one trailer, it appears to be some kind of horror game with a weird Silent Hill style and the other appears to be some kind of sci-fi game set in the modern world. They don’t show any game footage and they don’t even hint at what the title might be unless it’s something called “Nightmare Spark.” The only similarity is that they all point to a website called “You’ve Been Chosen.”
It’s an old marketing ploy that always works. Feed the masses just enough so you know that they’ll still be hungry for more. We can’t wait that long. Just tell us what it is already!

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