College Students Can Now Set Up a Gift Registry For Dorm Stuff

No one needs basic appliances and household goodies more than incoming college students who barely know how to operate a toaster. That’s why several big-box retail stores are allowing parents to set up gift registries for their future college freshmen.
Stores such as Target and The Container Store traditionally have registry services set up for brides and future parents but they are expanding those services to kids who are just about to head off to college and need furniture, kitchenware and school supplies before they make that long move to their first dorm room. The services are so popular that The Container Store reported that student registries outnumbered wedding registries last year and now account for 57 percent of the registries set up at their stores across the nationwide chain. Target also reported that “thousands” of students registries have been set up since they implemented the new registry option.
College registries work just like any other wedding or birth registry. The student sets up a list of things that they know they are going to need before they head off to school and relatives and friends can buy those items at any store no matter where they are in the country.
This not only makes it easier for the student to get what they need and save a little money in the process but it also saves their friends and relatives time from having to mail a card with cash or a check in it and hope that the US mail doesn’t lose it on the way to their house. We’re just curious to know if the stores in Colorado and Washington allow you to put marijuana or paraphernalia on your student registry.

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