The Brain Finally Tells Pinky What He Really Thinks About Him [VIDEO]

Pinky and the Brain, the lab mice duo that have tried and failed to take over the world more times than North Korea’s nuclear launch program, are no longer under the thumb of a kids’ network censor who can prevent them from saying how they really feel about each other. The Brain finally lets loose on poor, dumb Pinky in a new, uncensored video.
The video features Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche, the voices of Pinky and the Brain respectively, and a short animatic of the cartoon mouse duo in their little lab cage just as The Brain is about to ponder his next world dominating caper when Pinky makes another dumb comment. The Brain’s remaining sanity just snaps. He goes off on the poor, dumb bastard by uttering a stream of epithets that could make a longshoreman cover his ears and poor Pinky is reduced to tears as his mental mentor completely breaks his spirit by wishing every known form of homicide and suffering on his tiny, buck toothed head.
Pinky may have had such a tirade coming but it’s half heartbreaking-half hilarious to watch if you grew up watching them on Animaniacs back in the 90s. See it for yourself in the embedded video but some of the language may make it NSFW…
[protected-iframe id=”db7f274f3b66473e61915753b5b28990-3508545-34451079″ info=”//″ width=”600″ height=”388″ frameborder=”0″]

This famous reunion came to us courtesy of the Nostalgia Critic–which is really Doug Walker playing an angry movie and TV critic who relives your childhood. We’re not sure if we should thank him for giving The Brain the chance to finally unhood his id, or smack him for making Pinky cry.

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