The 26 Most Beautiful Women of Capitol Hill, Says The Hill [PICS]

They say that Washington, D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people–but you can debate that amongst yourselves as runs its annual 50 Most Beautiful List. It’s pretty incredible to watch the Washington publication try to be politically correct while choosing the hotties of the local scene, too. From what we can tell, the staffers at The Hill don’t seem to mind being kind of traditionally judgmental when it comes to the men of Capitol Hill. They get a little more nervous in choosing the ladies.
But we don’t feel like judging, either. Instead, we’ve just compiled the ladies of this year’s list, and we sure encourage you to go to the actual article to learn more about these gals. A few of them are recent college graduates, so you can learn some important things from them.
Same goes for the guys. For example, you can go to the article and see that it helps to be the sons of a certain columnist for And don’t forget that brains are beautiful, yeah….

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