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Redskins Fan Trying To Get All 22 Starter Autographs As Tattoos


Charlie White Washington Redskins tattoos

Some fans will do anything for their team. Washington Redskins fan Charlie White is looking to make a permanent impression on himself to show his love for the team. White is getting all 22 starters to autograph his arm which he is turning into tattoos. White told ESPN that “as long as they’re a starter, I want them on my arm.”

Well, this is a new level of fandom. Getting 22 signatures on an arm and making them all into tattoos seems like a very time-consuming and painful activity, but it seems like White doesn’t care about anything about supporting the team. White already has plenty of other Washington tattoos but doesn’t have anything for a Washington Super Bowl title yet.

Hopefully before the end of training camp, White can get his 22 signatures and have the full arm of Washington starters. Who knows if this is something that catches on at some point but at least White will know if that happens, he will have been the first one to begin a trend. Now if the Redskins can win a Lombardi Trophy for White to put somewhere else on his body.

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