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LeBron James Decides To Wear No. 23 With Cleveland Cavaliers


LeBron James 23

There was going to be another LeBron James decision this summer that didn’t involve which team he would play for. The latest decision was which uniform number he would wear now that he is back with the Cleveland Cavaliers. James announced on Sunday afternoon that he is going back to the No. 23 he wore when he was with the Cavaliers the first time.

James switched from 23 to 6 when he was with the Miami Heat in hopes that the NBA would retire Michael Jordan’s number permanently around the league. That did not occur so James is able to go back to the 23 he knows and loves from all the way back in his high school days. There will be another run of James 23 jerseys and probably the fans in Cleveland who burned theirs the first time around will be out buying another one now.

It probably wouldn’t have mattered which number he picked because the fans were going to buy it anyway. This way, the fans who decided to keep their first James jersey can just use it again. Otherwise, there is a big run of James jerseys coming. Adidas said that all Cavaliers jerseys were sold out soon after James announced he was going back to Cleveland. That issue is resolved and the buying can begin again.

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