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CAMPUS CRIME: Delaware Student Caught Filming Ladies’ Bathroom


javier mendio lasoto

A University of Delaware student set up a series of hidden video cameras in a woman’s bathroom, and recorded over two years worth of footage.

Police arrested Javier Mendiola-Solo following a three-week investigation after someone discovered several cameras in women’s bathrooms located in the Delaware Biotechnology Institute where Mediola-Solo was working on his doctoral degree. Police charged him back on July 1, but they officially arrested the graduate student on Thursday.

Investigators discovered that Mendiola-Solo had a system of cameras set up in several restrooms both on and off campus for the past two years. He recorded 1,500 videos with his bathroom cameras, none of which police believe were uploaded to the Internet thanks to forensic evidence obtained from the equipment seized from his residence including camera and other related hardware. Police suspect there could be more footage as they expand the scope of their investigation. A police spokesperson also said that none of the cameras were placed in dormitory bathrooms on campus. So far, police have identified three of the filming locations after cameras were discovered in those bathrooms.

Mendiola-Soto faces 21 felony counts of invasion of privacy with possible additional charges to come based on the outcome of the police department’s investigation. Mendiola-Soto’s status as a student has been referred to the school’s Office of Graduate and Professional Studies for official review and possible adjudication from the university. Mendiola-Solo is also a resident alien from Mexico who lives in the United States on a visa. His visa has been revoked due to his pending criminal charges.

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