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Some Poor Guy Gets Hit By RC Car That Can Go 100 MPH [VIDEO]


rc car

A radio controlled car that can reach a top speed of 100 mph may look small but it can do a hell of a lot of damage if it crashes into you like it did to the innocent bystander in this video.

The OFNA DM1 isn’t a kids’ toy. It’s a finely tuned machine that can reach a staggering amount of speed if it’s got enough road underneath it and someone capable operating the controls. Unfortunately, it only had one of those things during the run in this demo video. A couple of buddies decide to take their high speed toy out for a drive on a street by what appears to be a storage facility in the middle of the world’s loneliest business park. They also bring along some cameras to record some footage of this impressive mini-machine in action. It’s actually quite beautiful to watch until one of them smashes into the legs of one of the camera guys.

The car suddenly veers towards one of side of the road directly into the path of one of the cameraman’s friends. The car may be small but it crashes into him hard enough to sweep him off of his feet and send him flying into the air. The car is destroyed and so are the guy’s legs. They aren’t broken but they are cut up pretty bad as you’ll see in the embedded video below…

The funniest part is how the camera guy keeps telling him that he’s fine even though his legs look like bloody shredded wheat.

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