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Nicolas Cage As Superman: New Documentary On “Superman Lives” [VIDEO]



Nicolas Cage Superman Documentary

Superman may be the most famous and powerful superhero, but his representation on the big screen hasn’t been as prolific as other comic book heroes. He’s even part of one of the most famous unfinished films in Hollywood’s history. That would be be Superman Lives–and a new documentary takes a look at what happened to the Nicolas Cage project.

Producer and director Jon Schnepp released a new trailer for his documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? to go with the crowdfunding campaign to finish and release the film. He’s asking for $85,000 to fund his project but he hasn’t hit the 10 percent mark yet so he released a trailer to get the masses excited about his exclusive tell-all about Hollywood’s most famous failed attempt to bring the Man of Steel to the big screen.

The movie has interviews with just about everyone who worked on the failed movie including director Tim Burton and screenwriter Kevin Smith (yes, THAT Kevin Smith). The trailer is also chocked full of all sorts of behind the scenes goodies featuring test and costume footage of the man who would have played Superman aka Nicolas Cage…

Superman Lives seemed to be one of those no-brainer ideas that should have been easy for Hollywood to greenlight. It had an acclaimed director with a proven track record of turning beloved comic book characters into blockbuster properties. It had a hot, young screenwriter with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Superman story and lore. They had a major motion picture star who created some amazing test footage.

So what happened? Smith actually talked about his experience trying to get the Superman movie off the ground (no pun intended) in one of his many talks. It would be tragic if Smith’s description of it wasn’t so damn funny…

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