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Jon Bon Jovi’s Group May Be Looking To Move Buffalo Bills To Toronto


Jon Bon Jovi Attends St Louis Rams Vs New England Patriots At Wembley Stadium

The Buffalo Bills are being sold after the death of owner Ralph Wilson in March. There has been talk about singer Jon Bon Jovi being involved in trying to buy the team with the group saying that they have no intentions of moving the team out of Buffalo. However, word has come out via The Associated Press that the group has looked into three possible sites in Toronto to move the team in the past. [lead image via Tim Whitby/Getty Images Sport]

However, the Wilson estate isn’t allowed to talk with anyone that has a stated intention of moving the team before the end of the 2022 season when the Bills’ lease ends. If Bon Jovi’s group wants to take the team to Toronto then, the best thing to do would be to keep their mouth shut. This report throws a wrench into their hopes however because it is now known that the thought of Toronto is out there.

The Bills have played games in Toronto over the last several seasons so fans there are familiar with the team and it wouldn’t be a huge change, but this isn’t a good development. There is too much history in Buffalo for the team to leave town now though. There are a lot of legislators who are worried about this as well and have publicly come out against such a move. It could be known within weeks what the true plans are about moving or not moving the team.

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