Guess Who Manchester United Just (Sort Of Kind Of) Signed?!?

Yours truly just joined Manchester United, the greatest soccer team in the history of the world. No big deal. We were going to wait a few weeks, but management decided that after NYFC’s big announcement of signing Frank Lampard the timing was right for a story of our own…

If you want to see me and my new crew, come check us out as we absolutely dominate teams as part of the #ManUTour.

• Saturday, July 2               Man Utd vs. AS Roma                  Denver (Sports Authority Field)

• Tuesday, July 29              Man Utd vs. Inter Milan              Washington D.C. (FedEx Field)

• Saturday, August 2          Man Utd vs. Real Madrid            Ann Arbor (Michigan Stadium)

It makes perfect sense to bring me onboard. I mean, if you’re going to have American muscle on the front of the shirt…

You should have American muscle inside of it too!

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