All 10 Minutes Before Rob Zombie Walks Off A Stage [VIDEO]

Rocker Rob Zombie had to cancel a concert over the weekend in Wisconsin almost 10 minutes after starting the show.
The musician and movie director was scheduled to be the main attraction of the weekend long Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin after fans endured two days of lesser known bands and acts just to see Zombie on stage. He took to the stage at 10:34 p.m. Sunday just a few minutes behind schedule but still seeming primed to deliver a show for the patient masses. Two songs later, he stopped the band and tried to quiet the crowd a bit so he could speak to them with his sore throat.
“I’ve never done this before,” he said. “I can’t even talk, man. There’s no way I can do this show. I’m sorry. It’s f&*$ing bulls#*$, I know.”
Naturally the crowd starts booing and Zombie seems to sympathize as he walks off stage and flashes the crowd the peace sign. Someone in the crowd recorded video of the walk-off on their cell phone so we could all join in on the crowd’s misery without having to buy a weekend pass to an outdoor music festival…
The fans were understandably upset. Some of them spoke to The Leader-Telegram and demanded explanations. One fan said they “waited 20 years to see him but an hour-and-a-half of [rough voiced singing] is better than this.”
Other bands have cancelled entire tours over less but what would you expect from a man who spends his living screaming his guts out before crowds of thousands of people? It turns out that his movie career isn’t a chance to expand his creativity. It’s a chance to give his voice box a paid vacation.

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