Richard Sherman’s Charity Softball Game Draws 22,000 People In Seattle

Fans in Seattle waited a long time to see one of their teams win a championship again. Those fans are soaking in every moment they can of the Seahawks’ Super Bowl title–which includes cornerback Richard Sherman having a charity softball game on Sunday. A crowd of 22,000 showed up for the game at Safeco Field, filling the entire lower deck of the stadium. There were many Seahawks players involved in the game but those numbers have to make some pro baseball teams very sad.

There are several Major League Baseball teams that can’t draw 22,000 to a game and Sherman can do it for a charity softball game. It is support like that which is going to make some NBA team consider the idea of moving to Seattle considering how much the city loves their sports. It is true the SuperSonics left to go to Oklahoma City but the fans are still there.

22,000 is crazy for a charity softball game however. Sherman should be very pleased with how many people made an appearance. If the Seahawks win another Super Bowl title this season, who knows how many people would show up for another charity game. It could 30,000 or more depending on the day and weather.


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