Awesome Throwbacks + The Rest Of What We Know About 2014-2015 NBA Jerseys [PHOTOS]

Now that most of the Free Agency drama is all said and done with (of course I’m referring to Boozer to the Lakers), the next thing we can focus on is what the players will be wearing. Because you better believe that jerseys will be changing during the reign of Adam Silver. [lead image via Doug Pensiger / Getty Image Sport]

First on the list of things to check out isn’t anything “new” so much as it is a return to the old. According to NextImpulseSports, fans of the Pacers, Kings, and Raptors should expect to see these three throwbacks aka “NBA Hardwood Classics” to make a triumphant return.

Championship Gold

It’s also been confirmed that franchises who have previously won championships will be hosting a little gold mark on the back of their collar. But the new news regarding this little signifier is that it will also have the number of championships stitched into the jersey. See for yourself below.

St. Patrick’s Day Uniforms for the Bulls and Celtics.


Lakers Hollywood Nights

The “Hollywood Nights” jerseys will have sleeves on them, making these uniforms almost as disgusting as their roster.

Christmas Day Jerseys

Something that we’re less excited about, though, are the jerseys that teams will be wearing on Christmas Day. Yes, it’s nice that they don’t have sleeves on them like they did in 2013 but the “change for change sake” is frankly bullsh*t.

Why don’t they do something like make teams who didn’t make the playoffs wear coal black or grey?

It should also be noted that while we’re 99% sure these are the official designs for Christmas Day, not all of these teams will be playing on December 25th. The official schedule is released in August, and only then will we know for sure what teams will don the awful jerseys.

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