Start Your Day With "Pulp Fiction" Done "Sin City"-Style [VIDEO]

So what if director Quentin Tarantino had the technology and the comic-book fixation to have made the classic Pulp Fiction in the stylized manner of Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City films? Well, we kind of got an answer with Tarantino directing a few scenes from the original Sin City. Still, this fake trailer Pulp Fiction really embraces the idea.
We won’t complain too much that a lot of this video is just Pulp Fiction in black and white. Those parts still look pretty cool. The auteur at the Unusual Suspect Youtube channel has still put some real effort into creating a fun world where comic-book innovator Frank Miller provided the source material for the movie that made Quentin Tarantino a major Hollywood force. Pulp Fiction is heading toward a 20th anniversary, too, and we’re hoping that all of the tributes will be this fun…

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