Green Man Brewery's Extra Special Beer Is What's On Tap

It is said the beer that is in your glass is a reflection of those who brew it and I can personally attest that touring a brewery (or knowing the people who brew the beer) enhances its flavor. This past week I took a beer pilgrimage to one of the US’s Beer Meccas: Asheville, North Carolina. I drank many brews, but one brewery stood out from all. This weekend, Green Man Brewery’s ESB (Extra Special Beer) is What’s on Tap.

Located in the heart of Asheville, Green Man has been pouring awesome brews since 1997. They are known throughout North Carolina as one of the most consistent breweries in the state; something many other states will discover in the near future. All of Green Man’s brews are very good, but of their flagship ales, the ESB is a stand out.

What makes Green Man’s ESB such a great brew is its balance and roasted characteristics. On the nose there is a slight hint of malts and with each sip the roasted malt and coffee qualities really come through. There is an underlying hop presence, but not overly powerful. On the backend, a sweetness, caramel, to each sip.

Tonight I am enjoying ESB with some roasted chicken that have been dry rubbed with Old Bay seasoning. The heartiness of both the grilled chicken and brew will complement each other nicely. Though ESB is great, I recommend any and all of Green Man’s beers; with each sip you can understand why Green Man is set to become a national brand soon!


Beer Stats:

Alcohol by Volume: 5.5%
Color: Deep Amber
Malts: Brit

[Editor’s Note: It should be noted that this beer not only gets a nod from our Beer Professor, but also from a proud American by the name of Kenny F*cking Powers]

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