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Drone Photography Contest Winners Are The Bomb [PICS]



Dronestagram has announced the winners of the first-ever drone photography contest, sponsored by National Geographic, GoPro, Picanova, Droneshop, and Parrot. They chose the top three photographs based on how well they showed “the fantastic potential offered by drones in terms of image.” The contest also acknowledged the three most “liked” pictures in the contest. That photo above is the first place winner–a photograph by Dronestagram user Capungaero.

It may be true that our aspirations for drones are far more glorious…but these contest-winning images still take our breath away…

Second Place Winner – Jericsaniel


Third Place Winner – Drone-cs


First Place in Popular Prize Contest – Postandfly


Second Place in Popular Prize Contest – Jams69


Third Place in Popular Prize – IceFire


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