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Weird Al’s Next Video Turns Lorde’s “Royals” Into “Foil” [VIDEO]


weird al yankovic FOIL

“Weird Al” Yankovic continues his eight-day video excursion with a parody that twists Lorde’s somber pop hit Royals into a bizarre ditty called Foil. 

This time, he teamed up with the video makers at to help make his next music video. The genius of this Yankovic parody is how it tricks you into thinking it’s going to turn the dulcet tone of Lorde’s pop ditty into just another song in his long songbook of food odes like Spam (a parody of REM’s Stand), My Bologna (a parody of The Knack’s My Sharona) and, of course, Eat It (if I have to explain what this is a parody of, then you need to tell us how you’re getting such great Internet reception from the inside of a cave). Then, it takes a sharp turn into Weirdsville and becomes an even more hilarious song about something wholly other that you don’t see coming unless you’re an Alex Jones fan or someone who thinks they know a lot about the Illuminati.

The video also features appearances by fellow comedy mavens Patton Oswalt and Reno 911! and @Midnight creators Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant…

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