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Pete Rose May Be Involved In 2015 MLB All-Star Game


Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds

It has been 25 years since Pete Rose got a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball for gambling. With the 2015 All-Star Game being held in Cincinnati however, there is talk that Rose could have a role in the game. Rose has been a part of some ceremonies over the years but nothing like what could happen in Cincinnati next summer. [lead image Andy Lyons / Getty IMages Sport]

Rose has admitted finally that he did indeed gamble on the Reds while managing them and applied for reinstatement in 1997 while also meeting with commissioner Bud Selig in 2002. The time may have come for Rose to get at least a little piece of the All-Star Game. He is the one who bowled over Ray Fosse to win the 1970 game in Cincinnati and did break the hits record as a Reds player.

There is still a year though before the game arrives and by then, Selig will have retired. Reds fans would love to see Rose on the field July 14, 2015 to be a part of the city’s first All-Star Game since 1988, a year before the lifetime ban. He has admitted that what he did was wrong and isn’t this country built on giving people second chances anyway?

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