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Maurice Jones-Drew Thinks NFL Should Put Team In London


Washington Redskins v Jacksonville Jaguars

There are a lot of people around the NFL who would love to see a team end up in London. Maurice Jones-Drew can be counted as one of those people as he told Brit View TV, a new website launched to cover the NFL from a British perspective, that he thinks the league should move a team full-time to London. The question that begs to be asked though is whether or not Jones-Drew is saying these things before he believes them or is it for just the website? [lead image photo credit: Sam Greenwood / Getty Images Sport]

It is true that London has done a good job of showcasing the NFL but having a team there all the time would be very difficult and would require a second bye week so teams could travel back and forth. Jones-Drew even agreed that it would be difficult to get the job done. However, the interview being given to this new website raises questions.

Did they catch Jones-Drew just stating an opinion and he thought it was a good idea at the time? One way or another, the NFL will be playing three games in London again this coming season. However, it doesn’t appear that the league is going to be making any moves to send a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars there full time yet.

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