NCAA’s “Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl” Sounded Tastier Than “Cactus Bowl”

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

College football bowl games change names all the time in these days of corporate sponsorship. However, one bowl game this year won’t have a sponsor. The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl in Tempe has been renamed the Cactus Bowl. That’s after the game started as the Copper Bowl in 1989, and then became the Insight Bowl before the change to Buffalo Wild Wings.

The game will be played on January 2nd, along with several more bowl games this coming year. The move to the Cactus Bowl is still pretty solid. The gam’s played in the Desert Southwest. There are lots of cactuses there, right?

These minor bowl games are going to take a backseat to the new college football playoff, anyway. Maybe the Cactus Bowl can still draw a full stadium of fans just coming off the semifinals. Hopefully, the fans don’t have any problems with a cactus while they’re there.

Cactus Bowl

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