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Dept of Education: Raise Your Hand If Your Living Expenses Went Down


Department of Education Report

A new report from the National Center of Education Statistics finds that some of the cost of living expenses for college students actually saw a drop recently–while the rest continued their never-ending quest to suck as much money out of students as possible.

The center’s report announced the unsurprising news that tuition and college fees for both public and private institutions rose by 4 percent for the last school year. The rate was even higher for two-year schools and community colleges with an increase of 5 percent for the same time period. So if you’re a college student or planning on being one, you’ve got a reason to cry–but the news wasn’t all bad.

The same study also found that off-campus housing actually dropped by 1 percent for private, public and two-year colleges. On-campus housing rose because it’s on-campus and colleges are probably just a few years away from finding a reason to make you pay to use their public bathrooms.

The good news doesn’t stop with off-campus housing. The report also finds that some student expenses such as textbooks and school supplies also saw a drop in price when the figures were adjusted for inflation. The report also states that those costs dropped by nearly 2 percent for public four-year schools and less than 1 percent for private schools. These drops in prices are baffling some economic experts, and some are speculating that colleges are twisting the estimates so that the news doesn’t make them look like total money sucking humps. The good news is that most of us already thought of colleges that way–so there’s no need to fudge the numbers, if that’s the case. Check out the full report, and get a better idea of how to budget your life.

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