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Daniel Radcliffe Grows Horns for the “Horns” Trailer [VIDEO]


horns trailer

Daniel Radcliffe has gone from playing good guy Harry Potter to someone who looks downright sinister in the new trailer for the horror film Horns. 

Radcliffe plays a guy named Ig Perrish who wakes up a drunken night to discover that his girlfriend has been killed. Don’t ask Ig what happened. He can’t remember. Ig’s  never convicted of the crime, but the public is convinced that he’s responsible–and in the midst of his guilt, a pair of horns start growing out of the temples of his head. The horns also come with strange powers such as the ability to make people do things they deep down secretly want to do but never tell anyone.

The movie’s based on the book by Joe Hill, and the trailer is really more of a teaser. It doesn’t reveal a whole lot about the story, but it’s doing a good job setting the mood. It feels like a Twilight movie with a set of balls. Check out the trailer below in the embedded video… UPDATE: Damn, the video got yanked over a copyright claim. Guess it really did leak. Anyway, here’s the poster. Yeah, the Evil Corporations can’t make us take that down….

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