Arena Football Fan Gets Destroyed During Weekend Game [VIDEO]

The next NFL season may not begin until September but the Arena Football League is providing some action on the field–and we’re talking about some very up-close and personal action. Just ask this guy who got clocked by an Arena League player.
This moment of fan-player interaction happened over the weekend during a game between the Spokane Shock and the Arizona Rattlers. For those of you who don’t watch it, Arena Football doesn’t have a traditional sideline. They are walled off leaving the players more room to get smacked and to give the fans a closer view of the action on the field. For some reason, a Spokane fan thought it would be a good idea to lean over the sideline railing just as a Spokane player caught a wide open pass thrown to the right side of the field. The player saw the dumbass leaning over the railing but he couldn’t stop his momentum in time and the two collided. The player must have felt bad but the fan probably felt worse because he wasn’t wearing padding or a helmet. The CBS Sports Network broadcast the game and a viewer caught a video of the moment so we could all enjoy it…
We’re not exactly sure if the fan who got smacked down had to go to the hospital or even required some kind of medical attention but we do know he got something way better than an autograph from a player. Souvenir shops should start selling these because they’ll make a fortune.

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