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“Chappelle’s Show”‘s Ashy Larry Got Arrested For Drunk Driving [VIDEO]


ashy larry

New York City Police arrested actor and stand-up comedian Donnell Rawlings on drunk driving charges–but not enough people are recognizing him as Chappelle’s Show‘s legendary’s Ashy Larry.

TMZ reported that the Chappelle’s Show star was arrested early Friday morning on suspicion of drunk driving after cops pulled him over for driving the wrong way down a one-way street. Officers conducted a field sobriety and breath test and found that his blood alcohol level was more than double over the state’s legal limit. Police booked him on a drunk driving charge and released him. Rawlings confirmed the story on his Twitter account and that police later released him. He also wrote, “Don’t believe everything you read & hear but I’m gonna tell yall my side #staytunedson.”

Rawlings is a touring stand-up comedian with several acting credits to his name such as Law & Order, Spider Man 2 and The Wire. He’s also a regular panelist on MTV2’s Guy Code and the judge on Guy Court. He’s probably best remembered for the time he spent on Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show where he worked as a writer and a regular sketch performer. His most memorable character was the perpetually dry dice player Ashy Larry in “The World Series of Dice” sketch. That’s appropriate because driving the wrong way down a one-way street right in front of a cop sounds like something that dumbass Ashy Larry would do.

Watch the famous “World Series of Dice” sketch from Chappelle’s Show below in the embedded video. This version is uncensored and contains some naughty language that might be NSFW if you’re at work on a Saturday…

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