NFL’s Revenues Hit $6 Billion Last Season

NFL Revenue

No one will dispute the fact that the NFL makes a ton of money. The amount of money, though, can be pretty staggering. The Green Bay Packers released the revenue pool from the 2013 season on Thursday with the 32 NFL teams being able to split more than $6 billion between them. That amounts to $187 million per team.

That is billion with a b there. The numbers are going to jump even higher this coming season with new television contracts and a new deal with DirecTV, which was worth $1 billion a year. The interesting thing that while the Packers also made $136 million in local revenue, they only had a profit of $25 million due to big contracts handed out to several players.

It is quite possible that the revenue pool reaches $7-8 billion for the upcoming season. It just shows how much the league is truly making as it continues to be the most popular sport around the United States. If there was only a way for teams not to charge $110 a ticket now to see a pro game this season so families may be able to see a game without breaking the bank.

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