NY Yankees' Carlos Beltran Whacked By Own Ball In Batting Practice

All New York Yankees outfielder Carlos Beltran wanted to do was take batting practice. However, Beltran ended up with two facial fractures when his own line drive hit a screen and came right back at him. It is unknown whether or not Beltran will have to be put on the disabled list or not–but it’s an embarrassing incident, no matter what.
There wasn’t anything that Beltran could have done about it either. It is simply making a solid swing and the ball coming right back in the exact wrong spot. Beltran is hoping to play on Thursday but who knows that will actually happen especially if he has headache problems now and a possible concussion from the impact.
Maybe Beltran needs to wear a full protective mask on his face from now on while taking batting practice to avoid an incident like this happening again. There are a lot of freak incidents that happen during batting practice, and this incident can go right into the list of the most painful. Beltran will definitely never forget this one.

Yu Darvish Takes Batting Practice Line Drive Off Top Of Head
Yu Darvish Takes Batting Practice Line Drive Off Top Of Head
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