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Yu Darvish Takes Batting Practice Line Drive Off Top Of Head


Texas Rangers Photo Day

There is always concern when a pitcher gets hit in the head by a baseball. The latest pitcher to get hit is Texas Rangers ace Yu Darvish, who took a ball to the crown of his head during batting practice before Tuesday’s game in Houston. Darvish saw the ball coming and ducked but didn’t get down enough to avoid a glancing blow. [Photo credit Getty Images Sport/Jamie Squire]

Darvish waved off trainers and will likely make his start on Wednesday for the Rangers. However, this brings up the idea of players being in the outfield while batting practice is going on doing other activities. Darvish is lucky he didn’t get hurt much more seriously but shouldn’t he have been not on the field during batting practice?

The Rangers could have had a much different ending to this story but will keep Darvish, who is now on track to be able to pitch in the All-Star Game next week. Maybe Darvish can keep away from batted balls while warming up for that game.

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