Is Your College Charging Over $60K A Year Now? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you don’t believe that tuition rates are reaching an insane level, then this list of 50 colleges that now charge more than $60,000 in tuition per year should change your mind.
Business Insider looked at the tuition rates for some of the nation’s top schools and found that they are rising so fast that we now have at least 50 schools in America that dare to charge their students at least $60,000 for a year’s worth of school. You’re probably assuming that it’s just the super elite universities such as Ivy League giants like Harvard University. Believe it or not, Harvard is dirt cheap compared to some of these schools. If this doesn’t make you want to curse out a student loan advisor, then nothing will.
The most expensive school on the list is Harvey Mudd College, a private liberal arts school in California that charges students $64,527 for just for one year of school. That makes us twice as mad compared to the other schools on the list considering how worthless liberal arts degrees are these days. Bard College, the University of Chicago, New York University and Columbia University rounded out the top five spots on Business Insider’s list.
So what’s causing all these massive increases? A report from the Washington Post identified three major causes: cutbacks in state and federal funding that push more financial burdens on students, outpaced school spending and drops in private donations.
You can read the full list of $60,000 schools below but you might want to put down any coffee or beverages that you’re drinking because you’re sure to do a spit take and short out your computer when you see how much some colleges charge these days…

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