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Ray Donovan Motivational Seminars: Don’t Kill Clients [FULL EPISODE]


Get ready for the upcoming second season of Showtime’s Ray Donovan with these important tips on how tough guys can fix any situation–and there’s nobody who can fix things like Ray Donovan. Every episode of Ray Donovan has our hero (or anti-hero) in some of the weirdest situations that can happen in Hollywood, or Boston, or anywhere else where movie stars and gangsters need things made right. Check out this helpful clip below, and then enjoy the entire third episode of Ray Donovan below….

Ray Donovan knows that it’s easy to overreact–especially when you live next door to a  rapper who plays the stereo way too loud while he’s trying to concentrate on getting his jailbird father back behind bars for murdering a priest. Also, Ray still has to try to keep a murderous movie star out of prison, and another movie star client is still being blackmailed by a transsexual love interest.

But does Ray Donovan hold a grudge when he has to break into a rapper’s house to turn down the damn stereo himself? No, he does not. Instead, Ray knows to always look for opportunities–even if the rapper is holding a ninja sword while asking Ray to resolve some contractual disputes for his newest protege. Check out how Ray keeps his cool, even to the point of being slightly misunderstood…

That’s how things get fixed in “Twerk”–which is the third episode of the first season of Showtime’s Ray Donovan, and you can watch it right now below. What we can’t fix, however, is that every episode of Ray Donovan is packed full of very adult situations that may be NSFW. Unless you’re in Ray Donovan’s line of work. Now start catching up with this episode below (or click through here)…

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