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The Original “Alien” Cast Will Be in “Alien Isolation” [VIDEO]



The new Alien Isolation game, a first person throwback to the original Alien movie, managed to become even cooler by including the film’s original cast in a special side mission.

Sega announced a new bonus for people who preorder the game before its release on October 7th. The main part of the game takes place on another ship as Ripley’s daughter Amanda fights the same alien menace in a completely isolated spacecraft. Preorder players will also be able to play two special bonus missions that feature the original characters of the movie along with the actors and actresses reprising their famous roles including Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton and Yaphet Kotto. Ian Holm’s character will have a voiceover stand-in and John Hurt’s character has been written out of the game’s missions since his character dies pretty early in the movie. Sega teased the new missions in their newest trailer for the game…

The missions will coincide with the events of the first movie. In “Crew Expendable,” players take control of one of the original crew members of the Nostromo as you work to try and push the evil alien queen out of an airlock. The “Last Survivor” mission puts players in Ripley’s shoes as she faces off one last time with the alien and must get off the ship before the self destruct sequence is completed. We did not think this game could get any cooler until this moment. This thing cannot be released fast enough.

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