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President Obama Was The Frat Prez Yesterday [STONER VIDEO]


president obama horsehead

President Barack Obama visited Denver, Colorado where he became the Frat Prez for a day when a marijuana smoker in the crowd invited him to “hit this.”

The President was in town as part of a fundraising tour for his party and now that Colorado is one of two states that allows recreational marijuana use, he was bound to run into more than a few characters. He shook hands with a guy wearing a horse head mask in a crowd of people as he conversed with the public talking about the issues of the day. He played pool with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper in a downtown Denver brewery.

President Obama also met one of the state’s many midnight (and now, midday) tokers while shaking an endless series of hands during his trip. The moment was short but memorable. As he shook hands with people in the crowd, someone carrying a fat strain asked the President of the United States “Wanna hit this?” The President laughed off the offer but he never officially turned it down either. Someone with a cell phone captured the exchange on video and posted it to their Instagram…

We realize that it’s not politically expedient for the President to be seen taking a big hit off of a fatty boom batty on or even off camera. However, if anyone deserves a chance to relax with a short smoke of the sticky icky, it’s the guy who runs the free world–well, as long as he doesn’t try to pull a Rob Ford.

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