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Maryland Bans Everclear And Grain Alcohol–RIP Jungle Juice



College students in the state of Maryland and bordering states (including PA + VA) took a heavy hit earlier this month when a law banning the sale of Everclear and other grain (190-proof) alcohol took effect. We told you that this was a possibility and now it looks like the inevitable has happened.

According to lawmakers, the intent of the ban isn’t to stop students from getting black out and peeing their beds. The intent is to curb sexual assault–a topic that’s been the subject of much discussion this year. This ban is just one of a few steps Maryland (a big college state) has taken to prevent sexual assault. By the end of this year, Maryland colleges must revise their sexual assault policies to ensure that colleges cooperate with local law enforcement.

Fraternities all over Pennsylvania and Maryland are now in a difficult position. Yes, they can still use plastic handles of vodka for their juice but the fact of the matter is that Everclear was the superior ingredient. Less liquid = more space for Kool Aid or NO-Xplode.

The only positive take (besides the curbing of sexual assault which I’m not sure this law will accomplish) is that pledges can probably sleep a little more easy knowing they’ll no longer have to drive across state lines to get the necessary party favors.

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