Finally, We Have a Toaster Made Just for Tacos [VIDEO]

First, mankind created the taco. Then, he created the toaster. Now two of mankind’s greatest discoveries have collided into something even more awesome: The Taco Toaster.
Nostalgia Electronics has come up with something that could very well revolutionize the toaster industry and Taco Tuesday for years to come with the BTS200 Fiesta Series Baked Taco Shell Toaster. It looks and operates just like a regular toaster but the two slots where the bread would normally go contain two metal heaters that wrap around your flour, corn or whole wheat tortillas to make warm, tasty hard shell tacos. The toaster can also be used to heat pre-hardened taco shells as well. It doesn’t require any oil or messy deep frying to warm up your taco shells either. You just plug it into the wall and you’re ready to go. We know that the idea of a taco toaster sounds too good to be true so here’s a video demonstration of the Taco Shell Toaster in action…
This invention represents every goal that mankind’s inventors strive to achieve. It can help deal with important issues like food waste and hunger and starvation. It can usher us into a new age of enlightenment and discovery by showing us just how good our tacos can be when you make them at home. It can make our lives better and easier by simplifying the taco making process. If you’re an inventor, you can just stop now. There is nothing you can create that can top this.

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