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Philadelphia Pale Ale Is What’s On Tap


Philadelphia Pale Ale

It’s 4th of July weekend! The halfway point of summer vacation, the perfect beach weekend (if you love traffic and large crowds), and the weekend that will be forever known as the last weekend Uncle Ron had ten fingers! To help celebrate our Independence Day I am drinking a very drinkable beer brewed in, and named after, the city where Independence was founded. This weekend, Yards Brewing Company’s Philadelphia Pale Ale is What’s on Tap!

Established in 1994, Yards Brewing Company has been one of the standards when it comes to Philadelphia breweries. It could be because of their labeling styling and font or because it seems like the brewery has been brewing fantastic beer since Penn landed in Philadelphia, but many of Yards’ brews have an early America feel to them. Whether it is the beers from their “Ales of the Revolution Series,” their Brawler, a Pugilist Style Ale, or their loved Philadelphia Pale Ale (also known as “Philly Pale”) which makes it, and Yards, the prefect 4th of July beer and brewery!

An awesome brew that pours golden yellow brew with just the right amount of carbonation, Philly Pale is a classic pale ale. On the nose and throughout the pint there is a definite hop and citrus presence but neither are overpowering. On the backend of each sip, like the beer’s flavor profile, the bitterness is not overpowering. For me what makes this a great pale is the combination of the hop / citrus aroma and flavors and the beer’s crispness.

Because of its drinkability Philly Pale goes with anything, but being 4th of July weekend I think it is some kind of act of treason if you are not enjoy a hamburger. So fire up the grill and open a bottle of brew named after the city that brought you Independence!  

Beer Stats

Style: Pale Ale

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 4.6%

Bitterness (IBUs): 37

Weight (Plato): 11

Color: Golden Yellow

Hops: Simcoe

COED Writer
Former East Carolina University English Professor from Philadelphia, Phillies fan, Craft Beer Aficionado, Writer and Reviewer of Beer for