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P.J. Hairston Gets Into Fight During Pickup Game At YMCA


Pick-up basketball games can become quite heated at times. It appears on Sunday night, one of those types of incidents happened with former North Carolina player and Charlotte Hornets first-round draft pick P.J. Hairston. It is being reported that Hairston allegedly punched a high school player in the forehead and then again in the neck. Hairston’s agent said that it was in retaliation for a swing by the high schooler. [image via Big Lead Sports]

In whatever way it happened, there is no reason for Hairston to be getting into a fistfight with a high school kid especially after just getting drafted to play in the NBA. It is unclear whether or not the police was called because of the incident but the fact that the story got out isn’t a good sign for Hairston and his future with the Hornets.

Charlotte can’t be happy about something like this happening. Hairston has already had enough issues and didn’t play at North Carolina last season after being suspended by the university. Hairston is scheduled to join Charlotte’s summer league team later this week. Maybe the time away will allow him to get his head back on straight.

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